About Me

Ahoy! My name is Brian Vallelunga. I am a Lead Developer for Trilogy Interactive where I spend my days building the political web. I am a husband to my wonderful wife Julie, and father to my incredible son, Radley. I am an occasional photographer and videographer. I am an unrepresented citizen of the District of Columbia.

I grew up in Sonoma County in northern California and later went to college not far away at UC Davis. After college I followed my wife to the East Coast and Washington, DC. We've lived here for over twelve years. In that time I have married, bought a house, became a father, changed jobs, worked on two presidential campaigns, and learned that New England isn't one state.

I have been interested in technology most of my life. I distinctly remember our first computer, a 386-DX purchased sometime around 1988. There's been a steady stream of upgrades ever since as my hobby turned into a career.